What we can do together

When you think of a translator or a teacher, you normally don’t think about a poet or an artist in first instance.
You don’t think about someone who can mentor you.

I like to think about my job as a mission (“thou shalt leeearn Italiaaan”, I can even picture myself ah ah), and I see my teaching profession as one of “mentoring”, as an exciting adventure, a moment where we can chat and learn something new (yes, me too! I love studying, and still have so much more to learn) while we do it in another language.

A source of joy, not only an effort.

What we do together in an Italian class will reflect these aspects.

AH! Did I mention that it’s YOU the one who choose the topics? 😉 This way I think you will be more motivated.

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Forget about gloomy, boring lessons; you can expect custom services, friendly communication and always some extra (free) advice if you need me. Anytime.


As regarding the translation service, you must choose someone with the necessary competences, tailored to your needs: competences in source and target language, as well as research, cultural, technical competence. And specialization. The less, the better.

So I’m afraid I will not translate any kind of document, and definitely not those documents that don’t match my speciality. It wouldn’t be fair, and I am not here to cheat on you, but to help you get the most out of your activity, be it a website, a brochure, an on-line sales site, or a press release.

I’ll put myself entirely to your service, creating a personalized language course or a translation which will allow us to deviate from beaten tracks, to imagine together something new and exciting. 

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