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From a young age I have shown a voracious curiosity for knowledge, and a particular flair for languages.

My parents grew up during World War II, so they didn’t have a chance to study; nevertheless, they always valued nature, art, history, and literature, and they passed this love down to me and my sister. We grew up surrounded by my father’s Roman history books, and by my mother’s literary ones.

It was thanks to their efforts that we could both study and complete our education.

My mum sent me to my first English course when I was just six. Without knowing it, she changed my life: from that very first word (“good afternoon” — I still remember that lesson), I knew that this event would shape the rest of my life.

After obtaining a high school diploma in maths and science, I left my hometown near the French border and went to Milan, where I attended university and got a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures. I specialized in English (the other languages being French and Russian) with a graduate thesis on translation in medieval times.

Every client is a possibility for me to grow and learn more, as well as an occasion to be proud of my work, and see them happy and successful in their activity.

For the next 10 years I worked at two of Milan’s airports, and subsequently as a tourist guide along the Lombardy lakes, all the while continuing to translate for publishing houses and help private clients.

After meeting my husband I moved near Venice, where I currently live, and after some 10 further years – this time in a corporate automotive company – I decided it was time for me to make the dream of my youth come true; I resigned in 2016 and started a career as a freelancer, to put at your service all that I’ve learnt during my long and vast experience.

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