Hello, I’m Elena, I am an Italian translator, I work from English and French and I deal with “green translations”: that is? I help you express your green ideas into Italian.

It means I chose to put my profession at the service of those who, like me, are working to promote a greener lifestyle and are committed to defending our planet.

How do I do it? By specializing in this field and working mainly for companies, associations, customers, entrepreneurs and traders who offer sustainable tourism, advice and products.

I love working with words, because they are our soul that becomes tangible.

So we should pay attention to them, as they express what we are and what we believe in. They describe our inner strength. They tell our tale of not having given up on our dreams. They define our reality.
Then it’s not only important what you do, but the unique way in which you do it; together we will push the boundaries of translation towards a new, creative vision.

What drives me is the joy – and the beauty – I put into my work. My family taught me to love and respect nature and its inhabitants, and what I can do with my small contribution is to help YOU communicate your values, my same values, in another language.

For me, the alchemical principle of “as above, so below” is valid, even more so when it comes to delicate themes like ecology.

So my life, like my profession, is marked by an ethic (often difficult to follow, I know) of compassion towards every creature: animals – but also insects and gastropods 😉 –  and plants are on this planet with us, not for us. I try to become vegan and to spread the love for animals, and I commit myself to being as environmentally friendly as possible with my behavior.

I like art and literature, which I deal with since high school, I would always be (eco)traveling but I feel at ease only at home. I believe in good people and I confide that love is the most powerful shield that can protect us. I believe in dreams and in working hard to make them become reality; I believe in remaining curious and graceful.

All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own

– Goethe, The sorrows of young Werther –

But that’s not all: I choose more authentic relationships, I choose to smile to people on the street when I pass them by, to rediscover the value of kindness and beauty, which, as Dostoevskij said, will save the world.


I like being involved with people directly, firsthand, listening for better communication and understanding: a translation agency often requires long and formal procedures, with the risk of losing empathy, significance, impact, without considering that dealing with just one person means also to have the same style and terminology all over the text.

Trust me then! 🙂 so that you can find out what we can achieve together.

What we can do together

When you need a professional you must choose someone with the necessary competences, tailored to your needs; in my case, I have competences in source and target language, as well as research competence, cultural competence, technical competence. And specialization.
I’ll put myself entirely to your service, creating a personalized language course or a translation which will allow us to deviate from beaten tracks, to imagine together something new and exciting for your life or your activity.

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My Works

My expertise draws on a combination of linguistic education and a professional career;
I have had the opportunity to work for publishing houses as well as agencies and private clients. Thus I worked for many years at two of Milan’s airports, and for a while also as a tourist guide. This gave me a deep, firsthand knowledge of the tourism business and of aviation services, and I learnt the vocabulary of this specific area. Thanks to this working experience I could then help translate texts related to this sector (i.e. airlines websites and procedures, without mentioning the different destinations all over the world). Next I worked, for a long time, as a business assistant in a corporate company of the automotive field (hot runners), thus acquiring and using a very specific terminology.
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