My name is Elena, I am an Italian translator and teacher and I love my job: because I believe it helps you express efficiently what you do, making you feel fully self-expressed, and so helping others to see your true potential!

It is not always so easy to express yourself the way you want, especially in a foreign language where you don’t know (yet!) its peculiarities, its ways of saying that make you sound “natural”: and you have probably already found out, when trying to use Google translator on your own. Certainly, the program does translate your words, more or less accurately, and it can be ok for a technical string, but it cannot express what you feel, not in the way you want it to be, right? Don’t you feel as if there were always something missing? Something more humane, able to attract and inspire people?
Well, I think that only people can inspire other people, and that’s why you’re here.
It’s time to show others who you really are, using your unique words, it’s time to give your contribution to this world even though you’re not perfect – you don’t need to be!

“How can I show others who I really am, in another language?”

I help you with

Translations: to have words with an impact on the world (words are important! use them wisely)

• Editing: the service to use to have your text truly shine!

English and Italian courses: to be able to ask more than just a beer or a coffee when you are abroad (and to be able to hack it if something happens)

Why “Green Translations”?
This reflects my commitment to a more sustainable way of living, to help our planet and all its inhabitants (yes, even insects). Translation and languages are a platform that allows me to talk of the things I care about.

What we can do together

• you want a person who is tuned into the same vibe as you

• you need a professional with competence and experience in source and target language
• you need someone specialized

This is you + me!

I’ll put myself entirely to your service, creating a personalized language course or a translation which will allow us to deviate from beaten tracks, to imagine together something new and exciting, for your life or your activity.

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My Works


My expertise draws on a combination of linguistic education and a professional career.
I have had the opportunity to work for publishing houses as well as agencies and private clients. Thus I worked for many years at two of Milan’s airports, and for a while also as a tourist guide.

This gave me a deep, firsthand knowledge of the tourism business and of aviation services, and I learnt the vocabulary of this specific area. Thanks to this working experience I could then help translate texts related to this sector (i.e. airlines websites and procedures, without mentioning the different destinations all over the world).

Next I worked, for a long time, as a business assistant in a corporate company of the automotive field (hot runners), thus acquiring and using a very specific terminology.
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